Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How far behind the champions were Arsenal under Wenger?

Had created a graphic a month back comparing Arsenal's performances under Wenger to the champions of each Premier league season.Kept on hearing that this has been arsenal's worst season from all the pundits, so I wanted to see what measure would truly tell us what has been arsenal's worst season.

So what you'll see from the graphic below is the number of points we were behind the title winners each season (the figures in white font with the red bars) and also a truer comparison, the line chart above the bar chart, our points as a percentage or the winning points total. So even if were 12 points behind in both 2004-05 and 2010-11, you can see that, on a percentage basis, we did worse in 2010-11 (85 per cent of winner's total compared to 87.5 % in 2004-05).

The surprising thing from this graph is that in terms of percentages and absolute points, 2005-06 was our worst ever season. We were 24 points behind and we were at the lowest percentage of 73.6 . (In case, you're wondering, in the season that's just gotten over, 2011-12, the percentage was 78.5, which is the 3rd worst.) Of course, some of you might rightly point out that Arsenal got to the champions league final that year, so that year can't really be termed our worst. And you might be right. In terms of premier league points  though, you can't deny it.


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