Monday, June 11, 2012

Goals & Assists for 2011-12

The interactive dashboard below helps you explore the 2011-12 season data for goals and assists of players from clubs in the first divisions of 8 leagues - England, Spain, Germany, Italy, Russia, Portugal , Holland, France.

This includes goals and assists for those clubs in all the domestic (Leagues, Cups, Supercups) and European (Champions & Europa League) competitions the clubs were involved in.

You can filter the data by league by ticking or unticking boxes, and you can also build custom lists and compare your favourite players and clubs using the two search boxes., which is where I got the data from, doesn't give you the number of appearances each player made but they do note how many minutes they played. So I used that data to see how effective players were in scoring goals and making assists in a 90-minute period, which would be the duration of a typical match.

The default setting for minutes played in 2011-12 season is at 1000 min. , you might want to lower or raise that.

As mentioned before, all of this data has been obtained from the website.


----Have not taken the Club World Cup into account, which is why Messi is at 71 and not 73 goals in my dashboard.

-----Have taken some justifiable liberties, such as restricting players to a single club. So if like the Austrian player, Marc Janko, you transferred from Twente to Porto, only your current affiliation is listed.

---Do note that imscouting's data regarding assists is different from the opta stats used by etc. For eg. Fabregas is at 18 assists according to Opta but he's at 13 according to Imscouting.

Dtd: 2012-05-27

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